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Bachmann Engineering utvikler nyttige og underholdende apper for hverdagsbruk

Wide Color

 Wide Color Download Beskrivelse:   Wide Color keeps the balance between professional photography and fun while taking advantage of the new 16bit technology, thus raising depth and intensity of colors to a before unknown level, allowing you to catch and...
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EyeLED – The LD Message Banner App

 eyeLED – The LED Message Banner App Download Beskrivelse:   Short time 50% off! eyeLED converts your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a dot-matrix L.E.D. display. eyeLED is a great way to communicate when spoken words don’t do the job, such as at the...
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SMS Writer

 App Not Found Download Beskrivelse:   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ut volutpat diam. Etiam sit amet adipiscing est. Morbi scelerisque nisi sem, a mollis nibh lobortis a. FEATURES: • Nulla molestie purus at ligula...
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Battery Analyzer – Battery-Health and Information

 Battery analyses – health and life information Download Beskrivelse:   Battery Wear grants insight to the state of your battery and provides additional information not only about the battery, but also about the device itself. The difference to any other...
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SSD speeder & lifetime booster


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My Emoji

 My Emoji – create stickers with personal touch Download Beskrivelse:   Create emoji and stickers with a personal touch, have your own monster clarify your message. Crazy, angry, lovely, weird, it is completely up to you what your monster sticker looks like...
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Air Microphone

 Air Microphone Download Beskrivelse:   Turn your iPhone into a microphone for presentations, speeches and more! ▶ More than just an emergency microphone! ◀ Easily connect to Bluetooth, use a plug-in microphone or go ahead with the built in microphone....
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Chroma TeXT – Pimp Your Message with Unique Colors and Fonts

 Chroma TeXT – Pimp Your Message with Unique Colors and Fonts Download Beskrivelse:   Colorize any message and use individual fonts for social networking, short messages and more! Chroma is greek and means color, but colorizing text and backgrounds of...
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Photo Studio HD

 Photo Studio HD – Image editing effects collage Download Beskrivelse:   The stunning photo editing APP in the Store is available now. Photo Studio HD is aimed at combining the fun of playing with pictures and the needs of professional picture editing. With...
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 Moods – Fireplace, Aquarium, Space and More Download Beskrivelse:   Want to turn that big screen TV into a stunning virtual fire place, aquarium or show your favorites pic? Then detour Moods! Moods turns your Apple TV into your personal fireplace, shows...
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