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Aristoteles – Blood alcohol level calculator

 Aristoteles – Blood alcohol level calculator Download Beskrivelse:   How many drinks do you need? This app allows the calculation of the amount of alcohol to be consumed to reach a certain blood alcohol level. The calculations are based on Watsons Formula,...
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DOS for TV

 DOS for TV Download Beskrivelse:   Here comes DOS for Apple TV, where old meets new! Some people say that DOS will never die, and here’s the proof. DOS (Disk Operating System) is not old, it is ancient, but all the same still alive an kicking. And it can...
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Blurred! – Design Custom Wallpaper

 Blurred! – Design Custom Wallpaper, Background and Overlay in HD for your Screen with Blur and other FX Download Beskrivelse:   Blurred! is a simple to use, intuitive tool to create wallpaper, background and overlay from a photo or picture, generally from...
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Port Scanner

 Port Scanner Download Beskrivelse:   ▶ A simple but powerful Ip4&6 Port Scanner ◀ Scan all 65.535 ports and check if they are open or not. Ports are the doors for your computer to talk and listen to the Internet and everything else. An open port means...
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Anti Snore – Coach to reduce Snoring

 Anti Snore – Coach to reduce Snoring Download Beskrivelse:   Anti Snore reduces your loud snores without waking you! ————————————— Yeah !!! ★★★★★ by johncooper3210 –...
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Battery Analyzer – Battery-Health and Information

 Battery analyses – health and life information Download Beskrivelse:   Battery Wear grants insight to the state of your battery and provides additional information not only about the battery, but also about the device itself. The difference to any other...
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Emoji Pimp

 Emoji Pimp – Designer to create own, unique High Quality Emoticon Download Beskrivelse:   Create your own, unique emoji! NEW: Emoji Keyboard to create emoji direct in other apps! Impress your friends with emoticons and emoji they have never seen before!...
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Personal Lock Screen

 App Not Found Download Beskrivelse:   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ut volutpat diam. Etiam sit amet adipiscing est. Morbi scelerisque nisi sem, a mollis nibh lobortis a. FEATURES: • Nulla molestie purus at ligula...
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World Clock Widget

 World Clock Widget – Instant World Time Zone Download Beskrivelse:   World Clock Widget shows the world clock with a single swipe in your Notification Center. World Clock Widget shows the time anywhere in the world – quick and easy. A must have when...
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Password Manager


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