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Bachmann Engineering es el creador de aplicaciones útiles y entretenidas para usar a diario


 Myheartthrob Download Descripción:   Wrap your loved ones in dazzling heart ornaments !!! 60 exclusive ways to garnish and beautify your pictures. Power App represents Myheartthrob! the most awesome way to tell your loved ones you care! Features: Embed...
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Driving Theory China

 Driving Theory China Download Descripción:   Practicing for chinese driving license. Simple end effective training to pass the exam for the driver’s license at the first try! The international driver’s license is not always sufficient to drive a car...
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Battery Analyzer – Battery-Health and Information

 Battery analyses – health and life information Download Descripción:   Battery Wear grants insight to the state of your battery and provides additional information not only about the battery, but also about the device itself. The difference to any other...
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Cable Guy – Detect Power Lines hidden in Walls

 Cable Guy – Detect Power Lines hidden in Walls Download Descripción:   Easily detect power lines hidden in your walls! Cable Guy is making use of the Magnetometer, that is built in every iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. As you may know, every power line is...
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 xZ Download Descripción:   Archivos comprimidos del tipo zip son fáciles de manejar, otros resultan más difíciles debido a que requieren aplicaciones especiales para poder descomprimirlos. 7z es muy popular, y xZ da algún que otro dolor de cabeza para...
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SSD Health check 4 NVMe


SSD Health Check for MBP shows important insights to the state of your SSD.

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Draw Keyboard plus

 Draw Keyboard plus Download Descripción:   Draw Keyboard+ is a keyboard Extension that allows you to draw images and paste them into apps that support text and images like, messages, mail, SMS, Whats Up, wechat, Viber and many many more! Use Draw Keyboard +...
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 Moods – Fireplace, Aquarium, Space and More Download Descripción:   Want to turn that big screen TV into a stunning virtual fire place, aquarium or show your favorites pic? Then detour Moods! Moods turns your Apple TV into your personal fireplace, shows...
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TV Maps+

 TV Maps + Download Descripción:   Explore maps on the Apple TV the easy way with TV Maps +. Easily find places, directions or just discover beautiful 3D maps on the big screen with this full featured map client. Wandering the maps alone or planning a trip...
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Piano Synth

 Piano Synth – Moveable Keyboard with Piano and other Sounds Download Descripción:   ¡Pura diversión sencilla y directa! ¡Un piano listo para usar! No pierdas el tiempo y la paciencia con las configuraciones, simplemente conéctalo, toca y diviértete. Cambia...
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