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Bachmann Engineering maakt praktische en vermakelijke apps voor dagelijks gebruik


 ISS live feed Download Omschrijving:   UrtheCast and NASA bring you live, high definition video from the ISS. Perched 250 miles (400 km) above Earth’s surface are four high-definition cameras that capture video of our planet from four unique angles. You’ll...
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 Gift – Gids voor geschenken, cadeau-ideeën Download Omschrijving:   Out of ideas for a gift? Your dear has already everything needed? Have a look in this app, you will find many ideas and suggestions to surprise the person you like. JIJ HEBT EEN IDEE. WIJ...
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 xZ Download Omschrijving:   Gecomprimeerde bestanden zoals zip zijn zeer eenvoudig te hanteren. Andere bestanden zijn moeilijker omdat ze speciale apps nodig hebben om deze uit te pakken. 7z is erg populair en met xZ is het soms lastig om de juiste tool...
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AntiVirus – Virus & Adware Scanner

 AntiVirus – Virus & Adware Scanner Download Omschrijving:   Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and comfortable AntiVirus tools available! Quick, reliable and safe, AntiVirus delivers everything you could ask for. Top Features of AntiVirus: •...
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 App Not Found Download Omschrijving:   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ut volutpat diam. Etiam sit amet adipiscing est. Morbi scelerisque nisi sem, a mollis nibh lobortis a. FEATURES: • Nulla molestie purus at ligula...
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Port Scanner

 Port Scanner Download Omschrijving:   ▶ Een eenvoudige maar krachtige ip4- & 6-poortscanner ◀ Scan alle 65,535 poorten en controleer of ze open zijn of niet. Poorten zijn de deuren voor uw computer om te kunnen praten met en te kunnen luisteren naar het...
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Bodyguard – Motion detection

 Bodyguard – Motion detection Download Omschrijving:   Short time 70% off! Bodyguard alerts when a movement in sight of the camera is detected. Place the iPhone or iPad so that the camera has a good view on the area that has to be tracked. A soon as...
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Piano Synth

 Piano Synth – Moveable Keyboard with Piano and other Sounds Download Omschrijving:   This is simple and straight forward fun! Ready to use Piano! Don’t waste time and nerves with configurations, just switch it on, play and have fun. Change sounds as...
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1978 Invader

 1978 Invader Download Omschrijving:   ▶ Back to 1978! ◀ Your mission: Fend off the clones. Your gear: A laser cannon and 4 bunkers to hide. Wipe the clones off the sky as they are slowly closing in with nothing else than a laser cannon. Be careful, these...
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Face Care

 Face Care – DIY – Homemade beauty masks Download Omschrijving:   Face Care – DIY is a recipe book for face packs made of natural ingredients that you can source in you local shop, using tools your kitchen provides anyway. Face Care – DIY...
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