Battery Health 4 iOS


A simple and easy to use app to read loading cycles of your iPhone .



Battery Health 4 iOS let’s you check the loading cycles of your iPhone using a Mac.

When it comes to Battery statistics, there’s one number that is almost impossible to reveal: the loading cycles of your battery. While it was very common and simple in to gather all kind of data about your iPhones battery in older iOS, these data are not revealed at all in newer versions.
Of all the battery apps that have been available ib the App Store, only a few survived, and these do not deliver useful data anymore. Especially loading cycles has proven impossible with the current app guidelines.

Battery Health 4 iOS presents a reliable and accurate work around. By just plugging your iPhone to you Mac you can see all relevant data of your iPhones battery after starting the app on your Mac.

Confirm for yourself if your battery is drained by too many loading cycles, and if it may have troubles keeping up with power spikes.