SSD Health check 4 NVMe




SSD Health Check NVMe shows important insights and statistics to the state of your SSD in your Mac Book Pro.

Main Features of SSD Health Check for NVMe:

• Expected lifetime until death in %
• Temperature
• S.M.A.R.T status
• Short details
• Unexpected power losses
• Actual temperature display
• Raw read error rate
• Power cycles
• and many more data, see screenshot

No special drivers are required to use SSD Health Check. Health Check NVMe is fully functional with standard Apple drivers.

Users of Apples new MacBook Pro may find it difficult to obtain relevant data and statistics for their SSD. Currently there is no official way to obtain these data, even temperature readings can’t be shown.
SSD Health Check for NVMe delivers these data and statistics, from temperature, failed read/write attempts and Power On hours, expected lifetime percentage, power cycles and S.M.A.R.T statistics that so many have failed to gather.

If you want a deeper and more detailed insight to the SSD in your MacBook Pro, there’s no way around this app.

Disks without S.M.A.R.T support are not fully supported.

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For a Quick Start Guide follow the link below:

If you experience troubles installing SSD Helath Check for MVNe, follow this link where the installation of third party apps is explained in detail:

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