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Private Photos protects photos, pictures and documents of any kind and works independant from passlock.
Private photos and sensible informations are securely hidden even when the iPhone or iPod is unlocked and ready for use.

Private picture locks away documents, pictures, music, movies, basically any data file or sensible information that is stored in your iPhone or iPod.

Choose to lock sensible information with an additional numerical and graphical lock, granting endless possibilities making it almost impossible to guess the correct combination.

Configure your e-mail and be informed at every failed attmept to access your private data, photos or documents. If somebody enters the wrong code you receive a picture of the person who tried to access your data to your e-mail, together with the actual GPS coordinates.

Private photos functions independantly of the rest of your device. You can use your iPhone or iPod as usual while your data is still protected.

Private Photos is a must have, if you carry documents with you that are for your eyes only, be it credit card information, passwords or even important voice memos.

The choice of either numerical or graphical lock offers endless combinations of possible codes, impossible to guess the correct combination!

More privacy:

-> Integrated browser hides history
-> Create and safe pdf
-> preconfigured categories for pdf, notes, recordings, credit cards and more
-> Numerical and graphical lock
-> Preconfigurable e-mail to be informed at failed attempts to access locked data

Protect both your privacy and sensible data, lock your important information and data with Private Photos!


-> A picture is taken and sent to a preconfigured e-mail adress with every failed attempt to access protected data
-> GPS coordinates are sent to a preconfigured e-mail adress with every failed attempt to access protected data
-> Ultimate Privacy
-> Protection of any kind of data on iPhone or iPod
-> Device can be used normally while data are separately locked
-> Passcode can be numerical or graphical
-> Hide surf history with integrated browser
-> Create and store pdf documents

Private Photo is the first choice when privacy and discretion matters!

Act now, and not when it is to late!

Please backup your data before you make this update!


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