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The stunning photo editing APP in the Store is available now.
Photo Studio HD is aimed at combining the fun of playing with pictures and the needs of professional picture editing. With more than 450 filters and effects every possible need will be satisfied!

Rebuilt from scratch it comes with a new user interface that is fast, reliable and intuitive to use.
Effects, filters, editing tools, frames, overlays and other functions are clearly distinguished and easy to find. This is important due to the many options and possibilities that this picture editor has to offer.

Some effects are very special and nowhere else to find, a lot of things are everything else than out-of-the-box effects.

Effects to be found in Photo Studio HD (not complete):

Smart FX:
- Tilt Shift
- Single Color
- Smooth Toon
- Toon
- Chroma
- Bulge/Pinch/Stretch
- Sphere/Glas
- Kuwahara
- Pixelate/Polkadot/Posterize
- Vignette
- Sepia
- Amatorka
- Emboss
- Sharpen/Unsharpen
... and many more, free to combine and superimpose

- Quick Sharp
- Tone Up
- Boost
- Dim
- Exposure
- Reverse
- Decolor
... and more, free to combine and superimpose

A set of different collages with individual zoom, move and crop functions

Advanced blending tool with more than 20 functions like Multiply, Add, Dissolve, Poisson, ChromaKey, Overlay, ColorBurn, DolorDodge, Difference, Subtract and more.
Free to combine and superimpose.

Sketching effects reaching from Inked via crosshatch to tinting and montage. Again, all of these are free to combine and superimpose any way you feel.

Now that's a part we put a lot of work in.
Transfer, Process, Sepia, Chrome, Fade, curve, Mono and Tonal are just a few of the filters. There's more than fits in this description ...

The Editor is offering tools for some serious work for those that need more than presets and have to do detailled work:
Here you find things like White Balance, Gamma Correction, Saturation and Hue Controls and Tonecurves.

Free Rotation, Mirroring tools and Partial Blur can also be found here together with Enhance, Contrast and Brightness control. Oh, yeah, Histogram and cropping tools are to be found here too.

For those who like to tamper with their selfies and do some corrections, various Smoothing and Patching tools are available.
For your privacy, you can deactivate Geo Tags from within the app.

Overlays are not the same as filters, but you can create stunning effects with overlays. That's why we added a ton of them, to many to list them here.

Here you can find various pre-sets for camera correction. Depurple is available as well like certain lenses from other devices. Just in case you would like to leave the impression that the pictures was taken with something else than an iPhone 😉

Fun and LOL:
Never forget about fun, that why there are Face Swap, Stickers, Watercolor Effects and splash drawing tools.

Save and Share:
You want to save and share your pictures and show them to your friends, directly from within the app.

Here are some options:
- Photo Gallery
- AirPrint
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- Twitter
- Facebook
- e-mail
- Post Card
- Dropbox
- What'sApp
- WeChat
- Message

If you are looking for the most complete and advanced picture editing tool, stop searching. You just found it.


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