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Enhance your mood and health with the power of Light, using the newest results of Aerospace research!

Sunlight influences how we feel ourself and our health in general, everybody having spent a certain time in the north knows well about this.

While these effects are known since long in Chakra Theory, the newest Aerospace Research provides similar results.

But light is not just light, the spectrum of the light is important!
As example, the rising sun has a different impact on your mood than the light of a sunset has.

Newest Skin Care products make use of these, by using light to enhance the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production and regulating melanin synthesis.

Similar products for cosmetics care are priced up to several hundred USD, you can get the same in a handy app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Light Therapy is noting complicated, there is no magic or vodoo behind.

How it works:
Light in certain wavelengths has different impacts on the skin and causes specific reactions.
Some wavelengths have a positive effect on the melanin synthesis, while other wavelengths collagen and elastin production.

Light Therapy is not only much, much lower priced than specialized and overprized products for cosmetics care, it has a few extras that come with it.

Choose a nightlight of your preferred color, reacting to definable noise levels.

Color Sets:
Calm down and enjoy predefined or definable color sets

With Light theory you get an app that is based on these research and theory that does the same in a handy size.

Main Features:
- Skin Therapy!
- Mood Light
- Night Light
- Predefined color sets
- Individually definable color sets

In order to see an effect, it is important to use Light Therapy regularly over a longer period of time!


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