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The Keyboard Logger is made to keep a record of everything you type on your keyboard.

Using the logs created by the Keyboard Logger it is an easy task to keep track of what you typed, and when you typed. No guessing, be sure with a simple check back.

The Keyboard Logger is simple to use, once activated it silently does its work in the background.

Of course the date logged and saved can only be accessed by the keyboard Logger app, after all you don't want everybody see what you wrote. This way even sensitive data can be safely put on record.

Tracking the keyboard means that it is recording every single letter you type. It does not matter app you are using, it does not matter the circumstances, it silently creates a log file for later use.

Stay in control and track yourself. The Keyboard Logger delivers reliable proof with its log files.

The Keyboard Logger is safe to use. No other app is able to access these log files. It is not possible to access the log from anywhere else!

Safe, efficient, not noticeable.
The perfect tool to stay in control.

Note: The Keyboard Logger is not intended to circumvent privacy protection, therefore its own keyboard that is part of the app has to be used in order to log data.


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